New IMER seminar in the making: Communicating migration

Would you like to contribute to IMER Spring Program, present your ideas, receive professional feedback and discuss with peers! For 2014, we are planning a seminar series called
Communicating Migration. This will be the topic for the seminar series at IMER Bergen spring and autumn 2014. The seminar series will end with a two-day conference in October/November 2014.

Skjermbilde 2013-12-14 kl. 01.13.06The seminar series will cover how migration and ethnic relations are communicated in every-day encounters, in mass and social media, in politics and in teaching at the universities.  Has the way people talk about migration and migrants in different social contexts changed over time, and in what ways has it changed? How does migration theory and research fit in within other topics and theories in the social sciences, and how do results from migration research inform public debate and policy development?
The communication of migration will be discussed from various angles in our seminar series on international migration and ethnic relations during spring and autumn 2014. We welcome papers that touch upon this broad theme from different angles.  Historical analyses of change over time in regard to politics and public debate, research foci and disciplinary concerns are specifically welcomed.

Please suggest abstracts, papers, relevant seminar topics or persons by sending an E-mail to:
Other topics relevant for IMER portfolio are of course also  welcomed for presentation.