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IMER lunch seminar series: Comparative study of assisted return from Norway. By Arne Strand (CMI) and Synnøve Bendixen (UiB)


Comparative study of assisted return from Norway

Place: Department of Sociology, ground floor
Time: 31.05.2016, from 1200-1330

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Norway encourages assisted return for persons without legal residence permits in Norway and for those who wish to return to their country of origin. Those who apply for assisted return receive help with the application process, with transport back to their country of origin and, once returned, a cash grant and material reintegration support.

A comparative study commissioned by UDI has examined motivation for signing up to assisted return in Norway, and to what extent the returnees have succeeded in reestablishing themselves and sustain their return in their country of origin. The country cases are Afghanistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Ethiopia and Kosovo.

Arne_strandArne Strand Political Scientist focusing on peace, conflict and aid, with a particular emphasis on Afghanistan. He has a PhD in Post-war Recovery Studies where he studied coordination of humanitarian assistance in complex emergencies.

Uni Rokkan

Synnøve Bendixen is Post doctoral fellow at department of Social
Anthropology,UiB. Her project: Denaturalizing difference: Challenging the production of global social inequality