Visiting Academics and Scholars

IMER does not have a formal program for visiting academics or scholars, but we will try to assist you as long as we have capacity to do so. We ask that anyone interested in visiting IMER contact with a brief description of your work, the reason for wanting to visit IMER, and relevant visiting period. Please notice that there are no scholarships available and that we are unable to assist with accommodation.


PhD students:

passbildJenny Josefine Schulz (University of Osnabrück)

(10th of January to 25th of March 2015)

I am working on a comparative examination of German integration courses and Norwegian courses for immigrants. My examination group consists of refugees and asylumseekers who participate in the mentioned courses. I want to find out which effct the courses have on them and their future life in the new country. Therefore, I am eager to find out whether they learn the things that are important for their needs and conditions or if there might be something to improve. The schedules of the courses must be viewed in detail, just as I have to interview the participants about their personal perception of the courses and their performance.


Master students:

picture imerJonna Backas (EMMIR masters programme – joint degree from different universities)

(10th of January to 30th of April 2015)

I’m a Master student in an Erasmus Mundus masters programme EMMIR (, which is a 2 programme in migration and intercultural relations. I’m currently writing my master thesis on the housing policy of refugees and its effect on the inclusion process of refugees in Norway. More specifically, I am trying to find out how people feel about the process of housing after receiving their refugee status: how is the information delivered and fluency of the process.  Moreover, I’m interested to discover if the restricted autonomy in the housing process has had any importance to the participants. The study is a qualitative study with 10 to 15 participants.