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Monday, November 2, 2009

Newsletter Nr. 8 / 2009


  • Nytt nettsted:
  • IMER/UiB: Seminar: Sekularismens ansikter i globalt perspektiv og statsfeminismens lokale fordringer
  • IMER/UiB: Seminar: “It’s like doing SMS to Allah” Young Female Muslims crafting a religious self in Berlin
  • Nordic Research Training Course: Immigrant Integration and Social Theory – 8 ECTS
  • NHV: Kurs Vår 2010: Flyktingskap, migration och hälsa 1 – 5 ECTS
  • NHV: Konferanse: “Asylsökande barns välfärd, hälsa och välbefinnande “
  • UoA: CFS: “Multireligious sights – polarization, co-existence, indifference”
  • (CEIT/University of Copenhagen) :CFP: “Muslims and political participation in Europe”
  • CFP: “Between Recruitment, Integration and Return – Labour Migrants in the Federal Republic of Germany since the late 1950s”
  • (CRONEM): CFP: Living Together: Civic, Political and Cultural Engagement among Migrants, Minorities and National Populations
  • NEW network: Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnicity and Transnationalism (CCMET)
  • Ceres: Six doctoral scholarships
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