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Monday, 26 February 2007

Newsletter Nr. 2 / 2007


  • The 14 Nordic Migration Researchers Conference: Call for papers and workshop
  • IMER/Bergen – Exploring Diversity Seminars: Jonathon Moses
  • Eurosphere successfully kicked off
  • Mette Andersson(Imer/Bergen), receives funding for two new projects
  • ESF awards 2006 European Latsis Prize to Professor Rainer Bauböck
  • 12th International Metropolis Conference: ”Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion”
  • ESA_HERMES: second and updated call for papers
  • COMPAS Annual Conference 2007: Call for Papers
  • Call for invited papers: International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts
  • Call for papers for a special issue of UNESCO’s International Journal on Multicultural Studies (IJMS)
  • Announcing the MPI Data Hub and the New ACS Data Tool
  • Culcom: scholarships to researchers and students
  • Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism/ Vacant PhD and post-doc fellowships
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