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Call News for PhD Position at IMER

There is a vacancy for a 4/year PhD position at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UiB. The position is connected to the interdisciplinary research unit International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) and is open for applicants with a background from different disciplines within social sciences.

Migration is a prioritized area of research at the University of Bergen and is organised as one of the pillars of the strategic initiative on research into global challenges. At the Faculty of Social Sciences, migration research takes place at all departments and centres, and the research unit on International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) has served as the core cross-disciplinary platform for studies and research on this topic for over two decades. The aim of IMER Bergen is to contribute to research-based knowledge about international migration, including on the interplay between politics and mobilities, and migration and inequalities.


The applicant is invited to write a research proposal on a topic relevant to the research at IMER. The successful applicant is given 3 full years to focus on the completion of a Ph.D. dissertation based on this proposal. In addition, the position includes 1 year of funded duty work to organize activities at IMER.

Deadline for application: August 9, 2020

For information, please click here

IMER Webinar 29.05: The Promise of Babette’s Feast: Facilitated Encounters between Locals and Refugees in Norway

There is a deep-rooted cultural belief that encounters between strangers in local settings can bring about social change. Mette Strømsø, a researcher at the Sociology Department UiB, brings this aspect to the forefront in her study of local community initiatives established in the wake of the refugee influx in 2015.  Mette will present her co-authored article with Susanne Bygnes whereby they strive to unpack the promise, inherent contradictions and transformative potential of the facilitated encounters in local communities where newcomers settled. The reference to Karen Blixen’s short story Babette’s feast indicate the cultural resonance of the promise in the facilitated encounters between newcomers and permanent residents.

Mette Strømsø is a researcher for IMEX at the department of Sociology, UiB. She holds a PhD in Human Geography. Her research interests fall at the intersection of political geography and social and cultural geography, with a focus on everyday nationhood and especially the reconciliation between nation and diversity.




Time: Friday 29th of May 2020, 11.00 – 12.00

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