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Welfare, Working Life and Migration (VAM)

The Research Council of Norway will finance two new research projects on migration:

* “Provision of welfare to ‘irregular migrants’”
Christine M. Jacobsen, IMER Bergen, Uni Research Rokkansenteret (in collaboration with the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen).
* “Migration to Norway – Flows and Regulations”
Jan Paul Brekke, ISF.

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IMER Bergen has received funding for a new research project on “irregular migrants”

“Provision of welfare to ‘irregular migrants’”. Project manager: Christine M. Jacobsen.

The project will investigate the Norwegian welfare system’s assessment of irregular migrant’s rights and their actual social and health situation from a combined legal and social science approach, examining the complex relationship between law, institutional practice, and migrants’ lived experience. Senior researchers and research recruits from law, sociology, social anthropology, and political science, will collaborate in this interdisciplinary project. Methods include law analysis, ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative interviews (Oslo and
Bergen). The theoretical framework is defined by traditional and critical legal perspectives and by anthropological theories of law and of the body. The project’s investigation of how ‘irregularity’ is legally, institutionally, socially, and culturally constructed and experienced will offer much needed research-based knowledge of the consequences of present welfare policies and practices.

The project is to be initiated in 2011.

Etniske minoriteter og frivillige organisasjoner

Etniske minoriteter er dårligere representert i frivillige organisasjoner enn majoritetsbefolkningen. Denne forskjellen er størst når det gjelder medlemskap og verv i frivillige organisasjoner. Mens andelen som utfører frivillig arbeid blant minoriteter i Norge er på et generelt høyt nivå i internasjonal sammenheng. Dette viser en ny rapport hvor Ivar Eimhjellen, Uni Rokkansenteret, er en av forfatterne.

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The University of Oxford launches its new website “Migration Oxford”

The University of Oxford launched this week ‘Migration Oxford’, a new website that provides a downloadable calendar of all migration-related events that take place at the University, links to the latest publications, information about the teaching programmes in the area of migration, and a database of all academics within the University who have an interest in international migration. This new tool has been developed collectively by the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), the International Migration Institute and the Refugee Study Centre.

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First edition of the Ethnicity Centre News Bulletin

Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol.
November 2010.

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DPhil (PhD) position in quantitative migration research

The International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford seeks to award a PhD scholarship commencing 1 October 2011 for the ‘Determinants of International Migration’ (DEMIG) research project.
Application deadline: 21 January 2011.

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Conferences and seminars

Turkish launch event for the European Research Program ACCEPT PLURALISM entitled: “Culture of Tolerance in Turkey: Different Modes of Pluralism”.
Date: 19 January 2011.
Venue: Bilgi University, Istanbul.

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Norface conference.
Date:  6 – 9 April 2011.
Venue:  University College London.
Registration deadline: 6 April 2011.
Deadline for submission of papers has expired.

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11th Nordic Youth Research Symposium.
Call for papers. Submission deadline: 31 January 2011.
Date: 13 – 15 June 2011.
Venue: University of Turku, Finland.

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“Transformations of Contemporary Capitalism: Actors, Institutions, Processes”
Call for papers. Submission deadline: 15 January 2011.
Date: 23-25 June 2011.
Venue: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

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Interdisciplinary Workshop.
Call for papers. Submission deadline: 15 January 2011.
Date: 30 June – 1 July 2011.
Venue: University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Call for papers to session at the annual conference of the Royal Geographic Society/Institute of British Geographers. Submission deadline: 25 February 2011.
Date: 31 August – 2 September 2011.
Venue:  Society and Imperial College in London.

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Call for papers. Submission deadline: 15 February 2011.
Date: 6-7 October 2011 (New date!).
Venue: Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, Germany.

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New publications

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