Monday, 17 January 2007

Newsletter Nr. 1 / 2007


  • EUROSPHERE Kick off Conference 14th February 2007
  • The Fafo Conference 15-16th February 2007
  • IMER/Bergen – Exploring Diversity Seminars: Jonathon Moses
  • FEMM- seminar
  • Call for papers: EUROFOR Marie Curie conference
  • ESA_HERMES call for papers
  • 1st Call for Sessions, 4th ETMU DAYS
  • Call for invited papers: International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts
  • CMI/ Vacancy Senior researcher/Researcher in Peacebuilding
  • Vacancies on the ROMPAR interdisciplinary European Marie Curie Excellence Project
  • Publications

EUROSPHERE Kick off Conference:

‘Diversity and the European Public Sphere: Towards a citizens’ Europe’

Time: 14 February 2007, 09:00-16:00
Place: Magnus Barfot Center, Neumannsg 5, Bergen

The EUROSPHERE project, which is coordinated by the University of Bergen, will be launched by Rector Sigmund Grønmo on the 14th of February.

EUROSPHERE is a European Commission-funded integrated project within the 6th Framework Programme. The EUROSPHERE Consortium comprises 17 European universities and research institutes and approximately 150 researchers will join into it in its different parts and phases. The overall scientific objective of EUROSPHERE is to develop innovative perspectives on the European Public Sphere and to identify the factors which facilitate or hinder the articulation of a European Public Sphere.

During the conference, a roundtable discussion, with the participation of eminent European scholars, will elucidate different visions of a European Public Sphere, and the EUROSPHERE researchers will present the project’s different components. Representatives from the European Commission will also inform on funding within EU’s new Seventh Framework
Programme.(FP 7)

Participation including lunch is free but please note that we have a limited number of seats only.

Link to conference programme and registration can be found on the EUROSPHERE web portal

For any inquiries please contact

The Fafo Conference 15-16th February:

“Equality, diversity and inclusion: Challenges to the Nordic models in the global economy”

Time: 16-17 February
Place: Oslo Kongressenter

Celebrating our 25th anniversary, Fafo invites to a conference, which addresses both the future of the Nordic labour and welfare regimes as well as the consequences of globalization on human security.

The conference will gather prominent scholars and politicians to illuminate and critically discuss the rapid and far-reaching transformations facing the Nordic welfare states. What challenges do these changes bring about and how can they be met to assure stability, renewal and equality. How can the Nordic countries contribute to making globalization work for all?

Conference participants are kindly invited to our 25th-anniversary reception on the evening of the 15th.

For more information and link to registration please visit the conference webportal

IMER/Bergen – Exploring Diversity seminars:

Jonathon Moses

Time: Wednesday 28th February. 16.00-18.00
Place: Stein Rokkans Hus, Unifob Global, 5th floor, Seminarroom

” International Migration: Globalization’s Last Frontier “

“There is growing frustration with the unjust distribution of our globe’s economic and political bounty. Can greater migration can be seen as a real and effective alternative for righting international wrongs?

Jonathon W. Moses is Professor at the Department of Sociology and Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and technology, Trondheim. In 2006 Jonathon Moses published “International Migration: Globalization’s Last Frontier”. For more information on the book or Prof. Jonathon Moses please see his homepage

FEMM- seminar:

Professor Floya Anthias

Time: 22 January 2007, 13.15-15.00
Place: Centre for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, Sognsvn. 70, seminarroom 5th floor.

“Gender, race and class”

Floya Anthias is professor at the School of Social Sciences and Law, Oxford Brookes University, UK. In 2002 Anthias published “Rethinking antiracisms: from theory to practice”. For more information, please see her homepage.

Call for papers: EUROFOR Marie Curie conference

“Politics of Exclusion and Return: The Phenomena of Diaspora Formations”

Time: 12 – 15 April 2007
Place: Budapest, Hungary

32 Marie Curie scholarships are available for young and experienced researchers from EU Member States and Third Countries, covering travel and accommodation for this four day conference.

Approx. 30 young researchers (mostly PhD candidates) as well as several experienced researchers, scholars and policy- makers will be attending the event.

This particular event focuses on diaspora formations, minority politics and trans-state relations. The phenomena of diaspora formations will be discussed in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

Deadline for Applications: 31 January 2007

Link to the preliminary programme and more information about the conference is retrievable here.

ESA_HERMES call for papers

HERMES will organize a research stream at ESA:

“European researchers in Migration and Ethnic studies: Contemporary methods in Migration research”

European Sociological Association 8th Conference

Time: 3-6 September 2007
Place: Glasgow

The provisional deadline for abstract :15th February, 2007. For further information, please see the conference homepage.

The goal with this research stream is to present current research in immigration studies with a focus on the methodological approaches used by social scientists. For further information of HERMES, please click here.

1st Call for Sessions, 4th ETMU DAYS

Nordic Migrations: Past & Present

Time: 26-27 October 2007
Place: Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland

The theme of the fourth annual ETMU Days is Nordic Migrations. The theme can be approached from following directions: ethnicity, international mobility, multiculturalism, integration, indigenous and national minorities, minority rights, citizenship, nationalism, racism, refugees, education, upbringing and comparable topics.

The keynote speakers at the conference are Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo), Professor Charles Westin (University of Stockholm), Dr Diana Mulinari (University of Lund), Dr Ali Najib (University of Uppsala), Dr Garbi Schmidt (University of Copenhagen), Professor Max Engman (Åbo Akademi University) and Professor Martin Scheinin (Åbo Akademi University).

For further information see the conference .
Session proposals can be sent to this address.
Contact person: Tuomas Martikainen.

Call for invited papers:

International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts.

Time: 25-29 June 2008
Place: Berlin, Germany

As part of an ongoing effort to promote quality in multipopulation surveys and to raise the level of methodological expertise in various applied fields of comparative survey research, an International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts will be held June 25 – 29, 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

This conference will bring together researchers and survey practitioners concerned with survey methodology and practice in comparative contexts. It will provide a unique opportunity to discuss and present research that contributes to our understanding of survey needs and methods in cross-cultural and cross-national contexts. Conference contributions will help document current best practices and stimulate new ideas for further research and development.

We invite all interested researchers and practitioners to submit abstracts to be considered for Invited Papers.

Deadline abstracts: Friday March 2nd , 2007.

Read call for invited papers and submit abstracts here

CMI/ Vacancy Senior researcher/Researcher in Peacebuilding

CMI is currently seeking a Senior Researcher (full-time permanent position) to head the institute’s Peacebuilding program. The program is a principal component of the larger research group Peace, Conflict and the State (PCS), comprising about 10 researchers. The successful candidate will join the CPS-team of researchers and be responsible for leading and developing the institute’s peacebuilding research.

CMI seeks to expand its peacebuilding research. Young researchers, who have recently completed their PhDs on some aspect of peacebuilding, are also encouraged to apply.

For more information click here

Vacancies on the ROMPAR interdisciplinary European Marie Curie Excellence Project:

An interdisciplinary European Marie Curie Excellence Project on Political Participation of European Roma Communities (RomPar) will start at the Berliner Institut für Vergleichende Sozialforschung (BIVS) as soon as possible. At the next available date, two experienced researchers and two early stage researchers covering Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and Czechia will be hired to complete the team.

BIVS is inviting suitable candidates to apply. Requested are experts on Roma issues with solid knowledge of the language spoken in the covered region as well as of English as the working language of the research team and field work research experience. Researchers of Roma background and knowledge of Romani language are especially encouraged to apply.

Deadline: February 1st 2007

For more information click here


Seeberg, Marie Louise. (2007). ”Velferdsstaten møter verden. Arbeidsplasser i endring.” Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk. Read more here

Øyvind Dahl, Iben Jensen and Peter Nynäs (red.)(2006) “Bridges of Understanding: Perspectives on Intercultural Communication”. Unipub, Oslo. Read more here

Skorstad, Gry Irene(2006) “Citizenship, Migrants and their Children. A study of the Changing face of Chinese Citizenship“.Hovedfagsoppgave i Sammenlignende politikk, Universitetet i Bergen.

Mortensen, Helga Marie(2006) ”Hva om utenlandske statsborgere hadde fått stemmerett ved stortingsvalg? En kontrafaktisk analyse av stemmerettsutvidelsen i 1983”. Hovedfagsoppgave i sammenlignende politikk, Universitetet i Bergen.