August 13, 2014 – August 15, 2014 all-day
Under the heading ‘Flows, places and boundaries – migratory challenges and new agendas’, the 17th Nordic Migration Conference will address the status of both
migration tendencies and migration research and examine what lies ahead.
During the past decades, migratory flows have diversified and intensified. National policy frameworks respond to the migration flows with both openness and closure and discussions on how to manage migration are as pertinent as ever. Notions of integration and belonging are challenged by new migration dynamics and by new forms and scopes of mobility. The recognition that migration is a multi-dimensional phenomenon has spurred the development of multi-scalar analyses and reconfigurations of citizenship and belonging. Likewise, the economic crisis has both caused new types of migration, reversing the direction of long-established migratory flow and strengthened anti-immigrant sentiments. The global quest for natural resources has also opened up new venues for migration, e.g. in Greenland, and environmental changes and challenges have likewise led to new population movements. These examples illustrate the complexity of migration-related issues and the 17th Nordic Migration Conference wishes to engage in these topics, and situate the migratory challenges and new agendas in a Nordic context.The conference will attract scholars of migration with different disciplinary backgrounds. They will present and discuss their research on economic, political, social and cultural impetuses for, and impacts of, migration.Organizers and committee
The 17th Nordic Migration Conference is organized by a steering committee consisting of researchers from Aalborg University, Copenhagen University, SFI – the Danish National Centre for Social Research and Roskilde University Center, as well as board members from Nordic Migration Research.Confirmed keynote speakers:
– Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Oslo University, Norway.
– Professor Nicolas de Genova, King’s College, London, UK
– Economist Philippe Legrain, London School of Economics, UK
– Professor Claudia Strauss, Pitzner College, USA.Time and place
The conference will be held in Denmark – 13th – 15th August – 2014, and hosted by Centre for Advanced Migration Studies at the University of Copenhagen, on Amager, close to Copenhagen Airport.- Read more at: