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NR. 1/2021 - 31th of March 2021


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In mid-March, the TemPro project exploring the effects of temporary protection in the current asylum and refugee systems led by Jessica Schultz on the IMER team and Marry-Anne Karlsen the leader of IMER, held an interdisciplinary workshop in migration research. The aim of the workshop was to explore how interdisciplinary methods drawing on the disciplines of law and anthropology can be productively applied to research questions in the field of migration. 

A new PhD candidate, Felicity Okoth, has been appointed on the IMER team. She is affiliated with the department of Social Anthropology, UiB and will be writing her thesis on the migration aspirations of African migrants in Nairobi. Felicity has a Masters degree in International Migration and Ethnic Relations from Malmo University. She has started this month and will be the new coordinator of IMER Bergen. 

The IMER Junior Scholar Network will be holding a two day seminar in April 14-15. The aim of the seminar is to bring together junior scholars from academic institutions in Norway who work with topics related to migration and ethnic relations. Through the seminar we want to provide junior researchers with an access to our platform for networking and sharing knowledge and ideas across our different disciplines and institutions. We will have two guest speakers on the seminar, Lynn Nygaard from PRIO who will focus on issues such as the nature of academic writing, how to develop a core argument and how to develop good writing habits and stay motivated, and second Mikkel Rytter who is a professor at the University of Aarhus in the Department of Anthropology and will talk to us about problematizing the concept of integration. For those interested, please sign up here. Bear in mind that the deadline for signing up is April 9th. 

A number of IMER research affiliates have defended their PhD theses lately including Katrine Bjerke, former IMER coordinator Olav Elgvin, former PhD representative on IMER board Kari Anne Drangsland, former coordinator of IMER Junior Scholar Network Noor Jdid, and former communication coordinator of IMER Junior Scholar Network Zubia Willmann Robleda. We congratulate them on their success and thank them for contributing to the network!


Upcoming IMER Seminars

20th of April: We will have Maria Hernandez Carretero from the department of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo presenting findings from NORDHOST project "Nordic Hospitalities in a Context of Migration and Refugee Crisis".

25th of May: We will have Robert Forster from CMI presenting a paper on the the development of the neighbourhood of al-Mankubin in Tripoli, which has grown  through local, national, and international displacement events in and around Lebanon over the last 65 years. 

More information will be provided on each seminar later. 


Upcoming Conferences and Calls

  • Ethnographic Fieldwork Course at the University of Malmo

The course gives a deeper understanding of ethnographic fieldwork in terms of its practical implementation, ethical implications and the ways of writing based on ethnographic material. Special attention is paid to issues of power relations in the field, balance between observation and participation, and the positioning of the researcher. The emphasis is put on planning for and reflecting on fieldwork in the frames of the students’ research projects. 

Registeration deadline: June 8, 2021

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